Velvet Underground Singapore Images by Danial Enemiko and Steve Gibson
NeON Images by Simon Schubiger and Steve Gibson
Digital Art Weeks Xi'an images by Simon Schubiger

Phoenix Square images by Bret Battey, Tracy Harwood and Madeleine Redway

San Francisco Images by Swissnex San Francisco

Shanghai Images by Ika Arisona and Stefan Müller Arisona
Chicago Images by Deborah Sleno
Zurich Images by Deborah Sleno, Jim Olson and Ruedi Kuchen
Victoria Images by Azin Seraj, edited by Steve Gibson

Velvet Underground at Zouk Club, Singapore

NeON Closing Party, The Reading Rooms, Dundee

Digital Art Weeks, Xi'an China Images

Phoenix Square (Leicester, UK)

Swissnex San Francisco

The Shelter Club DAW Shanghai

Columbia College Chicago

DAW Zurich

Open Space Victoria