Space requirements:
* Open interactive space: 5 m wide x 5 m deep x 3+ m high (or larger).
* Lighting grid (or stands) covering the above dimensions, capable of bearing two 30 kg robot lights and four small optical cameras.
* Minimum 750 watts of power to lighting grid.
* Setup time: six hours for the local version, one day for the network version.
* A high-speed internet connection is required for the network version.

Equipment required from the venue:
* High quality sound system (e.g. two powered speakers, such as Mackie SRM-450s, plus one or two bass bins, with cables and stands).
* VGA (PC) monitor, keyboard and mouse.
* Water-based smoke machine (optional but VERY effective).
* One large sturdy table (circa 3 m x 1 m).
* A good ladder or Genie lift.

Equipment provided by the artists:
* Optical Tracking System in a rack with a PC.
* PowerBook G4 computer.
* MIDI interface.

* MOTU 828 audio interface (I will send a stereo audio mix from this).
* Novation Supernova synthesizer.
* Two Martin Mac 250 Entour robot lights.

For information, contact or booking please e mail Steve Gibson at [email protected] or phone +44-759-908-8554