Music - Steve Gibson

Images - Randy Adams

Programming - Steve Gibson and Jim Andrews

Steve Gibson is a media artist who serves as Associate Professor in Innovative Digital Media at Northumbria University Newcastle. Simultaneously deeply involved with technology and deeply suspicious of it's effects, Gibson's work celebrates both the liberation and paranoia of techno-fetishism. His work has been exhibited and performed in such venues as Ars Electronica, Cabaret Voltaire, New Forms Festival, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the European Media Arts Festival, 4 and 6CyberConf.

Randy Adams was a Canadian visual artist and writer. His photography and mixed media work has been exhibited and collected by public galleries, museums and archives. He latterly worked in the digital and was Associate Editor for the trAce Online Writing Centre at the Trent Nottingham University.

Jim Andrews publishes It is the centre of his work as a visual poet, audio guy, programmer, and critic. Since 1999 he has been creating interactive audio as at