"TELEBODY is not so much new media performance art as a sonic blast off into the gene-time and space-time of recombinant culture.

It is as if the universe of electronic visuality with its images recombinant of animated screens and distorted human figures release the ink black filter of the electronic eye, falling under the spell of music deeply informed by the rhythms of new biological discourse."

Arthur Kroker, The Will to Technlogy and the Culture of Nihilism, Chapter 8, Digital Dirt, ctheory books.

Written And Conceived by Steve Gibson.
Programmed by Jonathan Griffiths & Steve Gibson.
Performed by Steve Gibson, Bert Deivert, & Jonathan Griffiths.
Based On An Original Idea by Steve Gibson & Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

TELEBODY is conceived as a large-scale piece for two music and video "performers." Using digital music instruments, the players have real-time control over an audio environment and images of two entire bodies.

The central theme of TELEBODY revolves around man-machine relations, and more specifically the man-machine interface and the human body. Digital image capturing, 3D scanning, and effects processing of the human figure provide a metaphorical description of a potential digital human. In TELEBODY the performers act as metaphorical bio-geneticists, perfectly controlling and manipulating images of the human body.

TELEBODY IS the altered human figure in the digital world.