Steve Gibson (Canada/Sweden) - Concept, Music, Video and Image Editing, Director Programming, Live Keyboards.

Jonathan Griffiths (UK/Sweden) - Director Programming, 3D Scanning & Modelling, Plaster Casting.

Bert Deivert (USA/Sweden) - Camera Operator, Live MIDI Guitar.

Peter Bergting (Sweden) - Video Director, Plaster Casting.

Liselott Brunnberg (Sweden) - 3D Scanning and Modelling.

Martin Persson, Rania Shemoun (Sweden) - Models.

Will Bauer (Canada), Conroy Badger (Canada), Christer Clerwall (Sweden) - Robot Lights and Tracking.

Sara Diamond (Canada), Robert Burnett (Sweden) - Executive Producers.

Special Thanks

Birgitta Andersson, Jamie Niessen, Amber Denoon, Jan-Erik Saarinen; Peter Bergting, Patrick Gardner, and everyone at Houdini in Stockholm; Karin, Don, and Todd at Open Space in Victoria.

Telebody is a co-production of the Media and Communications Department at Karlstad University and Media and Visual Arts at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada). Funding was provided by the Media and Communications Dept. at Karlstad University through a research grant from KK Stiftelsen.