Nick Apivor
played percussion, keyboards and occasional vocals. Nick was the tightest player of the lot and held us together even when we were on the edge of chaos. He also had a great pop sensibility (as evidenced by the track Graffiti Anarchy) as well as a smart political wit. Nick went on to play with pretty much everyone in Vancouver and has even been nominated for a couple of Juno awards.

Will Bauer played keyboards, occasional percussion, and was the band's main vocalist. Heavily influenced by Johnny Rotten's nasty vocal style, Will brought a distinct punk sensibility to the Bride. Will later went on to a serious career as an inventor and media artist and even won some major international awards for it.

Steve Gibson played guitar, bass, synth, and occasionally sang. He also did his best to record the band's music onto a severely limited four-track cassette Portastudio. His guitar playing was heavily influenced by Robert Fripp and Andy Gill from Gang of Four. Steve later went on to mild fame as a media artist and composer.

Reg Harkema made 16 mm film loops for the band and played every live gig we ever did. He also sang on our cover of the Birthday Party track She's Hit, which was unfortunately never recorded. Reg is now an extremely well-known Canadian filmmaker and editor who has even won a Genie award!

Andreas Kitzmann played bass and cello for the initial incarnation of the Bride. His bass playing appears on one track from the group's original tape. He later went on to an academic career and has published several books of note.

Mark Critchley played occasional bass and keyboards and sang a song for the second incarnation of the Bride. Mark was a master of mixing absurdly unrelated styles. He continued this with his later project Itch.

Geoffery Bendz was the official Bride photographer and he shot all of the band photos on this site. He is now a big shot at IBM.