1. Thank Heaven (Gibson, Apivor, Lerner/Lowe) - 4.54, 6.7 MB
Nick - keyboards, drum machine. Will - keyboards. Steve - voice, guitar.
This was our dirty little version of Maurice Chevalier's dirty little tune. Steve's singing is crap but energetic. Nick gives us a classic synth lick to run on.

2. Graffiti/Anarchy (Apivor) - 3.18, 4.5 MB
Nick - voice, keyboards, drum machine. Will - keyboards. Steve - bass.
Nick's pop celebration of Graffiti and its discontents. This got tons of airplay in Atlantic Canada for some odd reason.

3. Schizophrenia (Sonic Youth) - 4.54, 6.7 MB
Nick - octapad, ducts. Will - voice, keyboards. Steve - guitar, arrangement.
Our one and only hit. The classic Sonic Youth track given a re-working, though it is pretty much note-for-note like the original.

4. The Club (Critchley) - 2.48, 3.8 MB
Nick - octapad. Mark - voice, bass, keyboards. Steve - guitar.
Mark's prog-punk ode to clubbing was a fast one and we had a hard time keeping up. Later done by Victoria's No means No to a tighter effect, though this version still has some pop appeal.

5. Unsupervized Youth (Bauer, Gibson, Kitzmann) - 6.06, 8.3 MB
Mark - octapad. Nick - ducts and metal. Will - voice, keyboards. Steve - guitar. Andreas - bass.
Our punk-funk ode to the state of urban yobs in Canadia circa 1986. Andreas keeps the bass going. Some of Steve's tastier guitar work and Nick's harder hitting accompany Will's biting bile.

6. Red (Fripp) - 6.16, 8.6 MB
Nick - octapad, ducts. Will - keyboards. Steve - guitar, arrangement.
A note-for-note arrangement of the heavy prog King Crimson classic. The arrangement is our own touch however with loads of synths and lots of metal banging.

7. Sound Construct (Bauer, Gibson, Kitzmann, Miller) - 10.02, 13.7 MB
Will - keyboards. Steve - guitar, metal percussion. Andreas - cello, metal percussion. Marcus Miller - metal percussion.
An example of our early improvisational, experimental style. It holds up moderately well, though the Neubauten influence is perhaps over-played. Marcus Miller played with us for this one and only time.