Concept - Steve Gibson & Dene Grigar

Script - Dene Grigar & John Barber

Video editing, Director Programming, Music & Sound Design, Light Design, 3D Tracking - Steve Gibson

Voices - Marilouise Kroker & Jim Andrews

Director Behaviors - Jim Andrews

Tracking Technology - Will Bauer of APR Inc.

Network Programming - Conroy Badger & Chong Zhang of APR Inc.

Network Support - David Broome, Studios for Intergrated Media, University of Victoria

Technology, Infrastructure, and Support - Canarie, Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Special Thanks - Texas Woman's University (Denton), Office of the VP Research at University of Victoria, Project X, Dave Tenney.

©2005 Steve Gibson & Dene Grigar

For booking or information please mail Steve Gibson and/or Dene Grigar.