technical innovations

The artists involved in this proposal are working with a proprietary motion tracking system called the Gesture and Media System (GAMS). This system was invented by team member Will Bauer, and both the software and hardware were developed by his company, APR. While there are certainly several examples of motion tracking technology in relatively broad use, there are several ways that this technology and our use of it are innovative. First, our methodology of collaborating is highly innovative: we have developed a way to "share" tracking environments over high-speed Internet connections across two remotely connected sites, located in Victoria, BC and the Dallas, TX. We can simultaneously control media, such as sound, light, and images, in both our own "local" sites and the "remote" sites of our collaborators. Secondly, we have developed a unique and innovative projection system that can be controlled by the motions of one or more interactors: the projector can be programmed to project images on the interactor or offset from him or her.